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It has been a lot in the news lately: the leakage of personal data, often by large companies that are therefore immediately shamed. The government is also putting increasing pressure on companies to protect their data as well as possible. Take, for example, the "Data breach notification obligation" that will take effect from the beginning of next year. With this, fines can be imposed on companies that, for example, leak customer data ... The question whether your website is safe is becoming increasingly relevant.

The hunt for personal data
Ever since the internet started, hackers have hunted for private data. The way it has changed over time. Since the arrival of, among others, the firewall, the techniques have increasingly focused on other input sources. This down to the smallest level, for example via a single form field on your website.

Cat and mouse game
Imagine you're smart, fix the leak and you're done, safe again. Unfortunately (red button sound), a new method will be found tomorrow, putting you at risk again. What to do? The best solution would be to keep checking and resolving your website security issues. There is no so-called "silver bullit" so that all your problems are solved at once. It remains a running cat and mouse game between hackers and security guards.

With this in mind, is it entirely correct what happens to companies that leak data? Is the new government law fair? Yes and no. In principle, companies cannot always do something about it, period. But on the other hand, the question is whether companies are doing enough about it.

Cheap ultimately expensive?
Very often the safety of the website is a neglected child that only comes up when it is too late. Companies think they can benefit from having their web shop developed by a smart neighbor with glasses, or prefer to spend more money on a sneaky photo slider, instead of having a security scan of their website, for example. Unfairly? No, not at all, as long as the point of safety is not forgotten.

Reason for concern?
Whether you have reason to worry depends entirely on your website. If you have a simple website about a lizard, take it easy. Do you have a smoothly running webshop with a customer base or are you moving your company into the Cloud? Then it is wise to discuss the subject with a specialist who can determine where the greatest risks in terms of safety lie for you. Of course we are also happy to help with this.

Some self-check questions:
1. How do I feel about the security of my website myself?
2. Do I have customer data online or in the Cloud?
3. Do I have employee data online or in the Cloud?
4. Is my website outdated?

If the answer to the last three questions is 'yes', put the safety of your website or webshop on the agenda!

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