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Flying Tapes - Flying Tapes

Flying Tapes

Tapes that go up in the air with the plane need to be 100% reliable. The demands/specifications are very high, and we’re used to them since 1903 (yes, 117 years!). We offer a wide and updated range of specified products of the highest quality for the aerospace industry that we call flying tapes.

Interior tapes - We have a long history supplying high-performance flame-retardant tapes that can be used in the manufacturing and refurbishment of galleys, lavatories, HVAC duct work, insulation blankets, and cargo bays. Some examples are:

  • Fire retardant, double sided carpet tape for laying carpets and synthetic carpets in the cabin (with clean removal).
  • Floor Sealing tape to prevent moisture coming through the floor panels.
  • Vinyl, polyester or polyurethane film as a vapor barrier in galleys and toilets.
  • Seal and damping tape for floor panels.
  • Repair Tape for insulation blankets
  • Anti Slip Tape
  • Aluminium Tape for heat reflection
  • Double-sided tapes for the assembly of interior parts.
  • Protective film tapes for carpet, interior parts
  • Cargo liner tape (sealing the seams of the cargo panels.)

Structural Tapes - We offers a wide range of tapes including sound and vibration damping, heat shielding, speed tapes, tapes that seal and identify various pipes and tubes, aluminium tapes for insulation applications and protection tapes.

Electronic & Electrical Systems Tapes - We have a long history of supplying high performance tape products for today’s complex aircraft electronic and electrical systems. Some examples are cable protection tapes, glass fibre insulation tapes and PTFE tapes.

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