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What makes Stokvis Tapes special for you?
Home - Independent Manufacturing & Distribution Partner!

Independent Manufacturing & Distribution Partner!

Solutions tailored to your needs.

Home - Global Reach, Act locally!

Global Reach, Act locally!

Close to your business, speaking your language.

Home - Customer-Centric Innovation!

Customer-Centric Innovation!

Innovate faster with us and optimize your internal processes.

Home - Long-Term Durability!

Long-Term Durability!

With more than 60 years of experience in selected markets.

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Capacity to invest!

Partner with a strong financial position.

Solutions & Services

We are your solution-driven innovative partner for Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive & Component Solutions.

Stokvis Tapes brings unique focus to the specific markets we serve as a converter, contract manufacturer and global logistics partner for adhesive and flexible materials. That focus, Continuous Partner Involvement, and the broad, deep engineering and technology experience behind them, deliver value-added solutions tailored to cost, quality, complexity, compliance and reliability to meet each customer challenge.

  • Products
    - Adhesive Tapes (1-sided/2-sided)
    - Foams (PE, PUR, EPDM, …)
    - Felts
    - Fleeces/Non-Wovens
    - Multi-Layer Laminates
    - Every other flexible material
      solution you can imagine in a roll,
      sheet or converted part!
  • Typical applications
    - Acoustic Solutions
    - Bonding & Fixing Solutions
    - Insulation Solutions
    - Protection Solutions
    - Sealing Solutions
    - Shielding Solutions
    - Thermal Management Solutions
  • Services
    - Die cutting
    - Laminating
    - Slitting & Re-wind Slitting
    - Printing
    - Thermoforming
    - Ultrasonic Welding / Heat welding
    - Cleanroom processing
    - Prototyping
    - Private label

Continuous Partner Involvement

From concept and materials selection, to design and prototyping, to production and global logistics support, our Continuous Partner Involvement process can bring eight decades of materials and engineering expertise anywhere in the customer’s process.

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True Partnership for Innovation


Relentless focus in specific markets translates to deep understanding of specific demands and needs as well as cross-market innovation, so engineering and technical teams can partner with you to get to market faster with products optimized in the effective ways.

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Home - Group Research Center installs TIM tester from Linseis
Group Research Center installs TIM tester from Linseis 29-08-2023 | In our Group Research Center (GRC), we installed a state-of-the-art TIM tester from Linseis, we can better support you in solving your thermal management challenges by accurately measuring thermal conductivity, thermal resistance and stress of our thermal interface materials according to ASTM D5470.
Home - When do I use duct tape?
When do I use duct tape? 15-11-2022 | Sometimes customers experience damage and adhesive residue after the use of duct tapes. It seems customers aren't aware of other self-adhesive tapes much more suitable for delicate and/or temporary applications. We want to share information of when to use duct tape and for what applications removable tapes are the better choice.
Home - How to apply tape?
How to apply tape? 15-11-2022 | Self-adhesive tapes are quick and very easy to apply by anyone, but the steps below should be taken into account for the right end result.
Home - High quality self-adhesive solutions for industrial applications
High quality self-adhesive solutions for industrial applications 18-07-2022 | In the next few years we will see an increasing demand for smart, multitasking products, equipped with large displays and touch screens, integrated with camera, sensor, voice command, and WIFI components. From sustainable point of view repairability and recyclability will play an increasingly important role. All developments in which self-adhesive tapes and related materials play a major part, and in which Stokvis Tapes is happy to support.